Guestbook 2001


Many thanks for your kind compliments and suggestions

 January 1 - December 31, 2001

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Pat Novak  USA  / December 31, 2001

I've enjoyed browsing through your website. Lots of new things to see and I recognize the hard work you put into it. I was delighted to see my link there but ask you to change the website address? Historic Opera Images is now located at:

Jim Jacobs  USA / December 29, 2001

I've been "raiding" your page lately and downloading some of the many arias you have available. Your page is excellent and has great variety. I appreciate the pictures and stories of the various singers.

I also wish to compliment you on the speed of your downloads. I recently switched to broadband for my computer and your site downloads at speeds of around 90 to 100 KB/sec. This means it's just a few seconds to get an aria of 8 minutes in length. Many sites are not this fast. I appreciate this.

May I ask what your ultimate goal is? Do you really plan to write autobiographies and recording lists and sample aria downloads for all the singers listed at your site? Wow!

Again I thank you.

Thank you for the speed compliments which I pass on to Strato, my internet provider. Concerning my ultimate goal, maybe I should switch to broadband for my brain, otherwise I won’t be finished before 2020. So I’ll concentrate on the next 100, for a start.

Dougie  USA / December 29, 2001

What an amazing site & shop! Was in awe of the listing of roles by Fach. However I must point out that Adalgisa is not supposed to be a dramatic mezzo role. Rather it was created by Giulia Grisi, the 1st Elvira in PURITANI & Norina in DON PASQUALE, both of which are lighter lyric soprano roles. Later she became a famed Norma, building her interpretation upon that of her predecessor, the role's creator Giuditta Pasta. It b ecame cast as a dramatic mezzo role in time, pretty much set in that Fach by the early 20th c. However, hearing some of the not-so-well-endowed Normas some of those ladies had to sing with, you can imagine why Toscanini cancelled the NORMA production at La Scala!

Kent Johansson  Sweden  / December 6, 2001

Your website is my favourite site. It is thrilling to read and listen to the old voices, and I visit the site every day. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !

Thomas Derge  USA  / December 1, 2001

Thanks to your site which I happened upon, I rediscovered one of the greatest arias of all times, remarkably sung in Swedish, by one of the greatest tenors ever. I speak of course of Jussi Björling 's rendition of "Ah, lève-toi, soleil" from Gounod's Roméo et Juliette. I have bookmarked this site and will explore it further. Thanks again.

Bert Zackim  USA  / November 11, 2001

I was looking for information on Lillian Nordica, as I received a brochure from Marston, and, with my curiosity aroused I entered her name into the search engine....and I come to your is most beautiful and generous in information and photographs.....I now must find some decent recording of the Late Lillian Nordica....your work is such a pleasure to look upon....I will certainly return is a beautiful sunny November morning here in New York City....

Earl Perolman  USA  / October 29, 2001

I want to tell you how much pleasure your site has given me! I have been collecting records of singers for years (mostly re-recordings of 78's). Besides hearing the voices of people who are new to me, you have corrected many false impressions that I’ve had for years -- for example -- I always thought that Margarete Bäumer was a terrible soprano (after hearing her Isolde, many years ago), and that Lucrezia Bori had a very unpleasant sound -- again, thank you.

Denis Camp  England  / October 21, 2001

What a delight to come across your site. It has given me immense pleasure. I was dashing around trying to locate a biography of Heddle Nash, whilst also listening to his Gerontius.  I will certainly be visiting again. My very best wishes to you.

Alfonso Gonzaléz  Spain  / October 12, 2001

I have just found your site, searching for information about some old singers, and it's simply wonderful. So I thank you very much for your work. Danke sehr, es ist wunderbar! I Have shown your site to some friends who love music as I do. Thanks again!

Guille  Spain  / October 9, 2001

I am just writing a few words to say you Thank you very much for your wonderful website. Congratulations for your serious work, your accuracy and your good taste in the selection of the mp3 files and pictures. I was waiting for such a wonderful site during a lot of years. Thank you again!

I had only some problems to download Spani´s and Chaliapin´s mp3 files. I tried several times but was not successful. Can you check both of them? Thank you in advance! I am  waiting the renovation of the site with some interesting singers. With my supporting and my best regards. BRAVA!!!

Thank you, the files should work now!

Martin Acke  Belgium  / October 7, 2001

In my search for a biography of the opera singer Rita Gorr, born in my home-village Zelzate (Flandern - Belgium), I came out on your fantastic site. Although I am not really passioned by classical music, I was very impressed by the treasure of information on your website. Congratulations with this magnificent piece of work!

Steve Jeffries  Australia  / September 30, 2001

I could not go by your web site without saying "thank you". It is really a fantastic site. It is now saved as one of my favourites. Your work in putting it together is much appreciated.


Sharlene Shipman Baker  USA  / September 6, 2001

I was so interested to stumble on your site while looking for information on opera singers of the early 1900's. My great uncle Frederic Shipman managed tours for Lillian Nordica, Nellie Melba and Frances Alda. I am working on family research and it was wonderful tofind such a wealth of information and photographs on these divas in one place. Thank you so much for your fascinating site.

Jaime Mulet  Spain  / September 3, 2001

It seems impossible to gather such a wealth of information in a way that you can retrieve effortlessly. I discovered your site by chance and it is the best luck I had in a long time!!! I wish that the drive that pushed you to build this page continues to operate and you keep the additions coming and the maintenance so efficacious. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Felice Venanzoni  Germany-Italy  / August 28, 2001 /

...incredibile e affascinante il tuo sito! Wunderbar!! :))) I cant stop to visit it! Thanx, grazie, merci, danke!!!!!!!

Aderbal Ribeiro Soares Jún.  Brazil  / August 23, 2001

I was really happy to have found your site. I feel love and passion towards the great singers of the past, the golden era... What delightful time I had browsing your site and listening to the recordings from it! I will return as often as I can. Congratulations!

Monica Duncan  Canada  / August 20, 2001

I am just taking up voice, at 43, and am thrilled to discover the whole world available to learn from at your site. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

David Thwaite  USA  / August 17, 2001

Your site is a fascinating and thrilling gift to all lovers of great singing, whether singing of past or present! THANK YOU for this beautifully designed, easy-to-navigate labor of love. One can almost catch the bouquet of roses while listening and delving into the voices and stories of these great artists. Your comments are incisive and a course in themselves in how to listen to and appreciate the depth and variety of this sublime expression. I shall return often, and may need another ream of paper while printing the photos, bios, and comments!

Rachele Vespignani  Italy  / August 15, 2001

I am an Italian soprano and a historian of Italian tradition of singing.  I particularly appreciated your photos of the singers and the teachers. My maestra is one of the last teachers for the Italian tradition. My teacher's maestra was a friend of Blanche Marchesi and taught Pertile's class at the Conservatorio of Milan. I am so happy that someone talks about Italian vocal tradition because in Italy, it is very difficult to meet singers and teachers of singers that know about it. [...] THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for talking about Italian vocal tradition!

Sisse Schilling  Denmark  / August 13, 2001

It is a wonderful site you have made! I would like to show you a site that I have made. It is, unfortunately, in Danish, but the sound recordings are full text,and you should be able to get a clear picture from the names. I am a librarian at the State and University, Århus, Denmark, and in connection with the creation of our virtual music library, DVM, each of us editors did something special. I did the site about the art song in Denmark and the Danish singers. We have here in this library the National Sound Recording Collection, so I only had to make a happy dive! [...]

My site is called "Den danske romance":

Michaela Egloff  Germany  / August 8, 2001

I just stepped over your homepage by a link of I just love your page. Lot of great information.

Have a look at our homepage

Dmitri Sintsov  Russia  / July 20, 2001

Greetings Andrea,
I've found information about Russian tenor Leonid Sobinov at your major and impressive Opera site.

Maybe you would be kind to add a link to the Sobinov site which is located at: and is available in three languages: Russian, German, and English.

I invite you to look at my portrait on Leonid Sobinov, including full text of Dmitri’s e-mail.

Bryan Newson  Canada  / July 20, 2001

This is a marvelous site--thank you very much for presenting so much information accurately, and in so pleasing a format. I, too, love singers and singing, especially some of the older, highly expressive "greats" of the past. I have spent a happy half-hour browsing a few of your many entries, and was entranced.

Robin Goh  USA  / July 16, 2001

I would just like to compliment you on a wonderful website for lovers of great singing everywhere! The well-researched material, the beautiful photographs and your own incisive comments are really impressive. Thank you for all the thought, all the work and that all the love that went into it!

Anna Huber  Germany  / July 14, 2001

I found your webpage while searching for information about Anne Sofie von Otter, whom I admire. It is a wonderful, wonderful source, which will help me to learn more about the history of singing and the tone of all these magnificent voices, which I have never listened to before... (the one of Obukhova really touched my heart). Recently I realized that singing is one of my passions and that it shall always be part of my life. Your work is a great support!

Sylvie Bourel  France  / June 26, 2001

Merci pour ce site! Il est très important je crois, à un moment ou beaucoup de jeunes chanteurs ne savent plus très bien ce qu'ils font, de pouvoir réécouter les grands chanteurs du passé, qui nous ont transmis une tradition qui devrait être aussi solide que celle des danseurs par exemple. Je suis moi-même une "apprentie-chanteuse", je travaille avec Anna-Raquel Satre, élève de Ninon Vallin, qui m'enseigne le chant comme je crois malheureusement qu'on ne l'enseigne plus nulle part. J'espère de tout mon coeur lui faire honneur un jour, et contribuer à ma petite mesure à rendre à l'art du chant, grâce à elle, un peu de la vérité et de la dignité qu'il a perdu. Merci encore en tout cas!

Carolyn Hatch  USA  / June 22, 2001

As a voice teacher who has taught in seven countries (international music teacher), this is a great site for any all music teachers, thank you so much.

Vicki Kondelik  USA  / June 18, 2001

Thank you for your wonderful page about Meta Seinemeyer! I'm a great admirer of hers, and I found your page while doing research on her. I loved the pictures and sound clips!

Ewald Seinemeyer  Germany  / June 15, 2001

Ich habe mich riesig gefreut, so tolle Bilder und interessante Details aus dem Leben meiner Grosstante Meta Seinemeyer zu sehen.

Anne-Katrin Naidu  Germany  / June 9, 2001

Durch Zufall - wie meistens - bin ich auf Ihre hoch interessante Seite gestossen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Die beste Seite, die ich seit langem gesehen habe! Viel Erfolg weiterhin!

Alain Zurcher  France  / June 8, 2001

Thank you for your fantastic work! I am a voice teacher in Paris. Your site will become a reference for my students and me! I have added it to the links of my web site about voice pedagogy, l'Atelier du Chanteur

Armando Delgado Spain  / June 6, 2001

You cannot imagine just how happy I was to find your site. I have always been interested in historical opera since I was a teenager. I´ve read many books and I thought I knew most of the singers but I was wrong! Thanks to your marvellous site, I have known and listened (for me an essential thing) lots of new voices to me. Even the most known singers are shown in rare recordings. I don´t need to tell you that I will come back very often to your site. Thank you a lot. You have made a man happy.

Vincent Ranallo Canada  / May 9, 2001

I am a singer myself, baritone, and was always fascinated by the "Golden Age of Singing". I find your work very useful. It is very important to know about our roots, not only for us performers but also for the public in general, to forge ahead with a true idea and taste for music which is not merely the composer's world but the creator's. [...] Thank you.

Visit Vincent’s website:

Giancarlo Montino Germany  / May 2, 2001

Beim Suchen nach historischen MP3-files im Internet bin ich, u.a., auch auf Ihre Website gestossen. Ich habe sie sofort komplett auf meinen PC geladen. Ich kann mich nur den Aussagen der anderen Gäste anschliessen: Was Sie da zusammengestellt haben und, hoffentlich noch weiter ergänzen werden, ist ehrlich das Beste. Lassen Sie mich bitte noch hinzufügen, dass Ihre Site von der Internet-Web-Technik ebenfalls eine Goldene Medaille verdienen würde. Die Links sind hervorragend und auch das Hin- und Her-Surfen geht einwandfrei. Nochmals "Compliments" und gutes Schaffen für die Zukunft.

Rogers McAllister USA  / April 28, 2001

For years I have searching for this singer [Anne Roselle]. She has a duet album available from American Amazon; but not the aria album you feature excerpts from. How may I purchase this album, if possible, from the United States (Alabama). Anne Roselle reminds me a great deal of Stella Roman, whom I also enjoy. Thank you.

Try it at (special offer). Minerva dedicated a CD to her. You can get it at (but the sound isn’t as good as on Preiser) - or last but not least - visit my shop subito-cantabile.

Timothy Sharp Germany  / April 27, 2001

Durch einen Zufall, oder eben auch nicht, bin ich gerade auf Ihre Seite gestoßen und bin begeistert! Zwar habe ich noch gar nicht so viel angesehen, doch die Seite ist schon gebookmarkt und ich freue mich schon darauf, in ein paar genüßlichen Stunden mir einiges davon durchzulesen. Ich hatte mir als Halter einer Website ebenfalls überlegt, etwas Ähnliches anzubieten, doch das ist jetzt nicht mehr nötig, da Sie das ja schon in Perfektion getan haben. Herzlichen Glückwunsch und alles Gute. (Die anstehenden Projekte sehen ja auch sehr spannend aus!)

Helmut Weber Germany  / April 25, 2001

I am happy that I found your website accidentally. It's one of the greatest in the world dealing with opera. I really know how much work has to be invested in such projects, having done similar ones, for example my Lauritz Melchior website. I am just working on one of Mike Richters CDROMs, a new one about Meyerbeer's operas. Best wishes - and go one with your work.

Visit Helmut’s website with unlimited information about Lauritz Melchior. Visit Mike’s website .

John Swadley Mexico  / April 21, 2001

I can't believe the amount of research you've put into your site. It's excellent and I look forward to visiting very often. It was news to me that Vinay had been in Mexico City, and I intend to try to find some people that knew him here and in Puebla where he retired. Thanks.

Harry Schornstein USA  / March 22, 2001

What a labor of love! I just came upon your site. There is one correction regarding the Koshetz discography...the Carmen with Stokowski features her daughter, Marina - not Nina. Marina died December 2000 in California.

You are right, of course. Sorry for that.

Cathy Austria  / March 13, 2001

I discovered your website while I was looking for infos about Claudia Muzio. And I must say I'm very impressed! Through you I discovered Luisa Tetrazzini whose voice impresses me very much. But my favourite soprano will always be La Divina Maria. May I beg for a few new portraits? Jose Carreras,Leyla Gencer, Giulietta Simionato, Conchita Supervia, Ettore Bastiannini, Thomas Allen, Adelina Patti, Emmy Destinn, Agnes Baltsa, Elena Obraszowa, Beverly Sills, Joan Sutherland, Tatyana Troyanos, Franco Corelli, Giuseppe di Stefano, Ferruccio Tagliavini. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

The following portraits are planned: Adelina Patti, Ferruccio Tagliavini (and Pia Tassinari), Giuseppe di Stefano, Emmy Destinn, and Thomas Allen.

Igor Russia / March 13, 2001

Thank you for fantastic pages and recordings! I have great pleasure to read and listen them very often! Small erratum: Lisitsian sang Venetian song from "Sadko" - not Viking
(bass song).

You are right, of course. Sorry for that.

Anne Tissier France / March 4, 2001

Since I discovered your website, I spent many happy hours pillaging your wonderful collection. I particularly thank you for letting me discover Louis Cazette, and also for the Barbiere of Pasquale Amato, which I can't listen to without wanting to laugh from pure joy and bonne humeur. We have the good fortune in Paris that the Musée du Louvre gives us two weeks of Verdi opera pictures, one or two operas a day. As a bonus to Gallone's Rigoletto yesterday (copy in a very bad state, alas !), we had about ten minutes of a Russian Kinokonzert (1941, excellent copy) featuring Sergueï Lemeshev in the Duke’s two arias, with a mise en scène worthy or Richard Thorpe, the Duke balancing himself on the "lustre" in the tavern, prior to leaping on a table to sing (beautifully) "la donna è mobile" [...] Many, many thanks.

Arturo Angelini Switzerland / February 25, 2001

Mit meinem Freund [...], ehemaliger Konzertmeister im Theater- und Tonhalleorchester Zürich, verbrachte ich höchst interessante Stunden in Ihrer Site. Ihr Internetauftritt ist auf überzeugende Art gelungen. Erstaunlich mit welchem Eifer und mit welcher Zuverlässigkeit Sie einen unerhört aufschlussreichen Überblick über künstlerisches Schaffen im Bereich der Oper im Internet darstellen. Für die hervorragende und immense Arbeit gratulieren wir Ihnen sehr herzlich. Mit unseren besten Wünschen warten wir gerne auf die Vervollständigung dessen, was sie uns hier bereits in grosszügiger Weise vorgelegt haben.

Christopher Leo King USA / February 15, 2001

Thank you for your listing of one of my favorites, René d’Arkor. He has been so for over twenty-five years, since I first heard him on "Famous Tenors Sing the High ”C”", a Jellinek recording. He sang the two arias from "La Dame Blanche" and I listened many times and tried to emulate his breath control and phrasing. His diction is superb, but this, of course, has to do with his technique [...] his "high" "forward" placement" or "position". Thanks.

Yaroslav Smirnov Russia / February 7, 2001

It was very interesting for me to visit your site. I'm an opera fan since early childhood, and your site is a nice resource dedicated to this great art [...] I was a little bit disappointed when I didn't find information about one of the best baritones of 2nd half of 20th century, Youri Gulyaev (1930 - 1986), who sang in Kiev Opera Theatre and Bolshoi as well. His best role was Figaro. I recommend you to find recordings of this great singer. Bye-bye and I hope your site will exist for many years!!!

Andrea Ledda Italy / February 3, 2001

I live in Genoa. This is THE best site I've ever seen about opera and singers. No frills, no spending minutes downloading "heavy" pages, just photos, music (it would be great if we all opera lovers could trade what we have in our hard disks) and voices. I picked just a little error in your site: in the page dedicated to Claudia Muzio there is written "Teatro Carlo Fenice"; the Genoese theatre is dedicated to "Carlo Felice". There is also a site . In Genoa there is also a splendid "roseto" (a garden all dedicated to rare and beautiful roses): "Roseto di Genova Nervi."

Thank you.

Sallie McKenna USA / February 3, 2001

Thank you for your labor-of-love website. I found it while looking for information on my "newly discovered" baritone Georg Ots. I will be back many times in the future. While she is very much alive and singing today, I hope that you include the Polish contralto Ewa Podles in your list someday. She doesn't have a lot of publicity for reasons unfathomable to me. I am just back from a stunning concert in New York by Mme. Podles. She is unique in my experience. Her combination of vocal color, power, flexibility, and dramatic intelligence is unmatched in my "so far" explorations of the present and past singers.

Kyung-ihl O' South Korea / January 20, 2001

I am an opera lover in South Korea who visits your site "Cantabile-Subito" almost every day and learn lots of valuable information about the legendary singers in the past. Once again I appreciate your truly great effort of running this wonderful site which helps us approach those legendary singers in the past. Could I ask you a few things about one of the great singers in the past, Moldovan-Austrian soprano Maria Cebotari? [...] I would be very grateful if you could let me know about her life and art. I will look forward to hearing from you.

Have a look at the portrait of Maria Cebotari.

Pia Lang Austria / January 19, 2001

I just found your website and I'm really fascinated by it, there is so much information about opera and recordings, it's really great. I'm a student and studying theater [...] but I still have one unanswered question [...]: Do you possibly know three Verdi operas, in which the baritone has the better musical and vocal part than the other roles?

1. Simon Boccanegra, 2. Falstaff, 3. Nabucco, 4. Rigoletto, 5. Macbeth.

Robert Petersen USA / January 4, 2001

Many, many thanks for your wonderful website. It is, unquestionably, one of the very best of all the singer/opera sites on the internet.